Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Picture this...2...

My vision for this new generation...and a school to awaken this new generation now goes by the name of G42 U. I cannot be more excited to get this show on the road. By August 2013, our plan is to have this on the ground in Fredericksburg, Tx:

18-19 years old

9 months (August 26 - May 15)

Fredericksburg, Tx

Confidence in their identity in Christ
awaken to the passions instilled in their heart
recognize gifts
vision for their lives
discipleship, community, freedom and grace, authority and inheritance

basic life skills (cooking, cleaning, laundry, finances, etc.)
handyman skills (woodwork, electrics, plumbing, automotive, etc.)
self-sustainability (gardening, livestock, business)
adventure aspect (rock climbing, backpacking, mountain biking, camping, etc)

What will we do?

We will awaken the hearts of high school graduates to the passions God has given them. We will instill Kingdom values through discipleship, community and adventure. And bring confidence to their identity in Christ while providing vision for their lives.

There's a ton to do this next year. And the weight of responsibility sits heavy on my shoulders. It's not unbearable...but it does sit heavy. It appears God has been preparing me for something like this my whole life, but I'll be the first to tell you I don't feel qualified. What could I possibly have to offer such an incredible vision? I don't know yet...but with my Papa's help, I'm going to figure it out! Can't wait to get home and get this show on the road.

much love Sons and Daughters of God,


Friday, May 4, 2012

Picture this...

Can you picture a generation of people fully alive? Not just a beating heart...but a beating soul, fully awakened to what God has called them to.

Can you a picture a world of people living in true freedom? With a liberty to have dominion over the earth through their unique gifts and abilities to accomplish God's will for them on earth. And then to serve others with that God given purpose.

Can you picture a generation free from the yoke of oppression? Free of fear, laziness, low self-esteem and selfishness? A generation free from low self-worth, greed, lack of creativity, distrust of people and a lack of initiative?

Hard to imagine isn't it? All of these things sound great, ideal ways to live...but ultimately, just another fantasy. Something that would be nice to have, but just too far beyond our reach as the human race. And therein lies the problem.

We live within a world suffering from lack of purpose. We have fallen prey to the lie that we're not good enough, that our dreams are too big, and that we don't have what it takes to live a bigger, better story.

And until purpose is discovered , life has no meaning.

Solution: awake the sleepers. Awaken their hearts to the passions instilled in them by God at birth. To help them realize who they are. Define identity. And once identity in Christ is defined, with passions and giftings realized, they can go out into the world, free from oppression, living in true freedom, fully alive.

Now, picture a school that focuses on developing just that! Awakening hearts and stirring passions in the lives of high school graduates while teaching them valuable life skills and forcing them out of their comfort zones through a series of adventures. Interested?

I'm looking to rise up a new generation...