Friday, February 24, 2012


I know of a stump. The remains of a 750 year old tree.

I visit that stump and study its rings.

I talk to it.

I look for it's fat rings and ask, "How many floods and rainy seasons have you been through?"

I find skinny rings and wonder, "How many droughts?"

I look for burn marks, lightning strikes and bear claw scratches.

I say, "You have been through a lot, tree. You've withstood the tests of time. Through the good and bad, rainy and dry. You've seen a lot of things, important things, things that have shaped this nation."

"But you are just a stupid, old tree."

"No one is going to remember you, or how tall you were, or all the things you have lived through and seen."

"At one time you were magnificent, towering and worthy of awe. Now you're a stump."

"I am a Son of the most high God. The all powerful, all loving, eternal God."


"Though I will one day pass, my legacy will live one. The branches that flow from me will continue to grow and grow and grow."

"Though my name will be forgotten generations from now, the legacy I leave in righteousness will carry on."

(based off a talk given by Ted Hanson. Check out his ministry academy at:

Generational righteousness. What we're doing here on earth goes much, much further than our life time. Like the wake of a boat, the decisions we make will affect the lives of thousands during, or after, our time here. What kind of legacy are you leaving?

Much love Sons and Daughters of God


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wake up, Oh Sleeper!

But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible, for anything that becomes visible is light. Therefore it says, "Wake up, Oh sleeper and rise up from the dead, and Christ will shine on you." - Ephesians 5:13-14
The longer I am here, the more I struggle with patience in waiting on my Father to make some of His plans for me known. I sit through class after class with a stirred heart, at some points just wanting to jump up, let out a fierce battle cry and run out of the classroom, straight into the war that wages on this earth, for the hearts and souls of the broken, poor and powerless. But I don't know where to go! Or what my General is calling me to fight! There's so much to charge against out there. There's so many different things I could dive headlong into and give my whole self, fighting for the rest of my life! Just send me already, God!!! Tell me what to do. Direct me where to go. I feel I'm getting restless. I AM getting restless.

But God knows my strengths. He also knows my weaknesses and what skills and character traits I need to be equipped with before He sends me out. My God knows exactly where I will inflict the most damage on our enemy and be able to most effectively charge forward for the Kingdom. But at this point, He's still doing work on me, still training me. And despite not knowing where I'm going to be sent, or what I'm going to be doing, He's consistently highlighting this one thing in my spirit:

WAKE UP!! ARISE FROM THE DEAD!! Man of God, you see bones lying in this valley...I SEE AN ARMY!! 
 This theme, awakening the souls of men and women to the greatness God has called them to, continues to run through my mind. I know God is calling me to take part in this. To take leadership over the reviving of the hearts of the dead. To lead those that are hungry for more, but find themselves caught in a rut. To show what a life fully impassioned, fully ignited for what God's calling you to should look like. To head out in adventure and risk and prove to the prisoners of our culture and society that's it's okay to step out of the jail cell they've known for so long, and embrace the FREEDOM God has for them!!

Shoot. That gets me fired up. Again, I don't know exactly what venue that will take, or where I'll be doing it...but I know I'll be doing it. Hopefully this stirs you a little too. Maybe not to the degree it does me, but at least a little. We all have a part in awakening hearts for the Kingdom. We all have a call to bring His Kingdom down here on earth. So LEGGO.

much love Sons and Daughters of God.